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I need urgent help, i lost my parents and now i dont have money for food, not even

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AleackmSC   in reply to Johnson B.
Hmmm, my apologies, you must not truly want help, we are all equal.. And look at my picture and tell me I know nothing about diversity. I hope you find what your looking for and get the education you need to go through life with your eye's, heart and mind open. God bless
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Johnson B.   in reply to AleackmSC
Thank you but please consider that white people are always sensitive than blacks, even when there is someone to help, that person will use the money for himself and the family.
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Yes he will if you ask him too, and you have to keep your eye's open.. This to shall pass. In the mean time, you have to look into your community ,there is help out there sometimes we have to look to our communities for help it's there believe me, call 211 and also stay at a shelter near a soup kitchen so your not to far away from food. I hope I've helped some, your parents are still watching you.. Make them proud. :-)
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